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Anyone looking for a vacation that is extra special should think about safari holidays in Kenya. They offer the perfect combination of great weather, relaxation and of course the excitement of seeing big game roaming in their natural habitat. Kenya is one of the most stunning countries on the planet. And its wide open plains are home to some of the most spectacular animals to be found anywhere on earth. Everyone has seen lions, giraffes, rhinos and elephants on the TV or at the zoo and most people long to experience the thrill of encountering them in the wild. Imagine seeing a lion make a kill. Or an elephant on the charge. Kenya safaris offer tourists these incredible thrills. This is more than just a holiday. It's a once in a lifetime experience, that will never be forgotten. Of course the main attraction of safari holidays in Kenya is the animals, but that's not to say that these holidays aren't luxurious or relaxing. Safari lodges and hotels offer the perfect place to unwind and relax after an exciting day observing the animals in Kenya's game parks. Enjoy fine meals and modern comforts, just like on any other type of holiday. Kenya safaris can easily be combined with a few days of rest and relaxation at a resort like Mombassa. Spend time in the game parks first before heading onto the coast for something resembling a traditional holiday. After all, a good holiday is about recharging the batteries as well as being out on safari. Safaris make for an extra special holiday. Which means they are ideal for honeymoons. Imagine starting a lifetime together surrounded by the beauty of Africa. A backdrop full of jaw dropping scenery and exotic animals. It's an experience people never every forget. A truly magical and inspiring holiday unlike no other.