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It is said that a Scottish shepherd hit a rabbit hole into the wild with occasional boulders and a stick in the ancient grazing, than people invent the movement later known as golf. The word golf was first happen in Scottish Parliament in the fourteenth century. This is the only documentation of a parliamentary statement, and recognition by most of enthusiasts all over the world. Callaway Golf Callaway Golf was founded in 1982 by the well known Ely Callaway Jr. Callaway; he got started in the golf industry after he sold his vineyard and bought a good portion of Hickory Sticks. Callaway eventually bought all of Hickory Sticks and changed the name. When Callaway Golf was founded and stationed in Carlsbad, California, it was tough times at first. Callaway was selling his products out of his car until things started booming. If you need to know more about equipment used for golf? Not sure which one is the best ball for you or what type of clubs you should buy? Is your head swimming with golf jargon? Here are information source for everything regarding gear used. Knowledge of how to use for golf is base on the buying, selling and using of golf gear and accessories. The first section is how to buy the Golf Balls. The next section is information on purchasing used golf club sets. Maybe you've got all the golf equipment you need; now you need to know what to do is to improve your game. NEW Promotion - The Lateral Line L2 Putter On the next three months, we will be awarding a NEW customized Lateral Line L2 Putter each month. The L2 putter will be customized to your height and will include a weight kit and head cover. A DVD with instructions will show how to learn the technique of face forward putting using the Lateral Line L2 Putter. Depending on your height and swing speed, it is important to choose a used golf club sets that is right for you with the correct loft, shaft stiffness, grip size and etc. Most importantly, you want to let your game choose your golf set before you make any purchase. Some beginners think that because they don't play particularly well, any used golf equipment would be fine to them. About the Used Golf Clubs Maybe you have upgraded your old golf clubs to newer golf clubs, but how you deal with your used golf clubs? Some will letting them collect dust in your garage, but there are few options that you can sell them directly to golf Liquidation Company. If you are familiar with auction, you could list your used golf clubs for auction online. Nike Golf Nike Golf brings a strong lineup of products to the world of golf. It Located in Beaverton, Oregon. Nike Golf is design golf equipment, apparel, balls, footwear, bags, and accessories. By using the advanced technology, superior craftsmanship, and working with top PGA tour players, Nike Golf create the clubs, apparel, balls, footwear, and accessories that what people like . Our online Golf shop is about all discount golf for sale: Nike Golf,Golf Clubs, Golf Equipment,Taylormade, it is popular all over the world with high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and efficient service.