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With the development of LED illumination industry, the LED power supply market is also expanding quickly. On one hand, the traditional manufacturers are releasing the related products; on the other hand, many new entrepreneurial firms are formed. The power supply market is not mature enough, and it does not have the related standard; therefore, the market is disorder. Experts maintain that some magnates will lead the market finally, and the marketing and quality become the key elements. In the year of 2010, The LED industry mingled hope and fear. The market was expanding quickly, but not all the practitioners had made profit. The manufacturers of street lamp had not benefited, while the manufacturers of tunnel lamp have gained a little money. Moreover, the manufacturers of chip and package all made money in 2010. It is worth notice that most of the LED power supply corporation also gained so much, and its supply is not short. The power supply belongs to the traditional industry which has the strong manufacturing ability. However, the price war has begun, especially in the low power supply fields. It is known that the price of supply of low power device becomes very transparent nowadays. The supply of high power device has the high profit, because it has the high technical threshold, and it needs much capital. Moreover, the high power supply is always used by the governments' demonstration projects, such as street lamp, tunnel lamp. In order to gain the best effect, the best component will be chosen; therefore, the demand for the manufacturers become high, and the profit will also be high too. It is understood that the power supply of LED interior lighting is not stable. Some small manufacturers only consider the function, ignoring the working environment. Actually, some LED street lamp should work in the adverse environment. The fault of LED light is always on the power supply, which can not only blame the manufacturers. These malfunctions of the power supply are resulted by many elements. Some of the malfunctions are caused by the unreasonable design. In order to reduce the malfunction, the cooperation between power source corporations and lamp corporations should be improved. The related integrated circuit is MG75Q2YS40.