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The sky corridors of Bangkok (Bangkok Metropolitan Authority) or Sky Walk construction project is still in the formative stages but a fair amount of debate has been going on now over a number of contentious issues that have not been fully resolved yet. The Sky Walk construction costs are about 43,000 baht per square kilometer. The project is going to require a speedy construction process in order to be completed before December of this year to celebrate the auspicious occasion celebrating His Majesty the King's 84th birthday on December 5, 2011. Materials would be produced by the fabrication plant, and gradually transported to the site ready for installation. But there are some worries that police will not allow construction at some of the sites due to heavy traffic conditions in the area. Currently the project is awaiting a final contract to be signed with the contractor and a loan agreement with Krung Thai Bank. The Bangkok Administrative office has appointed Bangkok Thanakom Ltd. (KT) to manage the project and it is expected to begin construction by the middle of April, 2011. This project will provide an opportunity for the private sector to support a connection from the Sky Walk to buildings or offices. The governor has assigned the Public Works Department to manage the completion of the construction according to the objectives and to consider whether to commercially develop the area to provide services and facilitate as a rest area for users. Examples of businesses that could be sited in these areas include beverage shops, food shops, coffee and/or tea shops, bookstores and so on. One of the main concerns was that it may interfere with the liberty and rights of residents along the route who will need to close doors and windows to protect their privacy. Additionally, community life and commercial businesses along the footpath will be affected due to lack of clients, especially if other businesses are allowed to trade on the Sky Walk. In any Bangkok governor's administration, trouble could arise from many parties, as seen in many spots on the crossing bridge. This is an issue that must be resolved soon. It is preferred by locals to have the Sky Walk constructed in particular spots rather than along the whole stretch, especially at the connecting point of Mass Transit Systems because of the fear that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration safety precautions are not up to international standards. Despite receiving support from the private sector, there are many more people that do not agree with this assessment and therefore a request for the cancelation of the project cannot be brought forward. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration should assume that it will need to build the project along the whole stretch of the BTS. The most important thing under consideration is who would the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration assign to manage the project. If the current management is not up to the standard required then there is a good chance that many problems will arise both during the construction process and in the years to follow. See some of the best Thailand properties at thailand sale and consult with our representatives at property thailand.