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April 21
Wednesday Sunny I slept little last night; I am a pair of Puma shoes with bursting with curiosity, I really to know what my little host thought about. Those voices were as silent as the same as usual. The silence was broken by a loud cry of my little host. The sound was very discordant; we were almost deafened by her loud cry. "What happened"? Her mother asked. My shoes have hole in them. My little host has an interrogative look. As late as yesterday they were fine, said her mother, but why? Could you show me your Puma Shoes? My little host follows her mother advice, and gets her shoes to her mother, in this moment; a triumphant smile appeared on her face. Is there anything wrong with it? Oh, I see, I saw my little host Slide into a room last night, the damage is done, and it should be cut with a knife. That deceit won't pass with me; I had read some detective story. Her mother heart missed a beat. Did you break your shoes? She had a very serious look on her face. "No, it is not me, it is must be broken by cat, my little host quibble. "But���� ok, you can wear that new pair of Puma shoes". She gave a chuckle of delight, she have her head turned by success. The trick looked impossible, but she pulled it off. But that's OK; I want to see the world. April 22
Cloudy My little host get up at daybreak, she ate her breakfast quickly in order to go to school. My host' classmates pile in as soon as she gets to school, everyone was kicking up a dust, "your new Puma shoes are so beautiful, and where did you buy it? I do envy you. You are so beautiful"! My little host had a happy look on her face. And then if I'm big one day, people will start comparing other people to me. Enjoy this moment, I have not had enough of them, having a lesson bell has rung. The bell rings and the class begin, then the students went back to their seat, but my little host totally immersed in a harvest of joy. My host always gazes around in the class, and stared right at me. But other students are concentrating their attention to listen attentively. When the teacher found my host, my little host made the same mistake once or twice, the teacher criticized her several times, but she did not grow memory. The new pair of Puma shoes let my little host was both happy and grief. July 10
Cloudy I have not kept a diary for a long time, which is because Everyday is pretty much the same thing; I had nothing want to write. affording change the status in my host eye, I am slowly becoming older and older, more and more dirty, the students looked at me with hate in their eyes, my host was not proud to have me, I am not at all a shining star. My little host trod the same path through the woods to school about a month ago. Walked with a light foot, her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the sparrow opposite, but she did not notice her step. She fell head over heels into a big hole in the ground, I suddenly became unconscious����I have no idea what happen to him later, I know I have hurt myself, and my host was also wounded, I heard my host take the blame to me, she said that she all but stumbled because of me. Under their treatment she made a prompt recovery. The days are getting hotter, she had never worn me, and she wears sandals every day in summer. She threw me into the old big shoe ark, though wounded, I was still holding out and live in solitude, I died of illness
I am lonely in my heart until I die (I was worn out), at the end of the season. Available in the market for puma shoes uk? Get the ultimate inside scoop on the very best puma shoes at an affordable price now in our puma shoes outlet and puma uk shop review .