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Lights play a significant role in our lives. They bring light to us so that we can see things clearly. Without them, world would be colorless. To say so is literal and allegorical- literal because without light, colors would not be seen just like in the night and in the darkness. Colors are nowhere to be found in darkness. This is because things around us only absorb and reflect the colors. They get these colors from the spectrum of the light waves. This spectrum is composed of seven colors that are to be found in the rainbow. Allegorically speaking, without lights life would be colorless because we are deprived of our chance to enjoy the beauty and the richness of this world. With the advent of lighting, we can now go on with our lives and do what we should do. There are different kinds of lightings. There are lights that are used for daily purposes. These are the lights that are found in our homes and in the schools, the covered courts, in the streets in the lamp posts. These are the lights that we usually get along with our days. But there are also lamps that play significant duties such as those of the inspection lights and the reading lights. Also, there are lights that are used in the discipline of home making and interior designing. These lights are usually called the accent lights because they bring accent to the various areas where they are deployed. They add up to the whole being of the houses. Lights in this regard, are used as fashion items. They are used as accessories so as to accessorize the homes. The various different types of accent lights are the ceiling lights, the wall lightings, the lamps, and the novelty lightings. The ceiling lights could be the chandeliers. They are usually put in the living rooms for they decorate entirely the vast space where members of the family stay all the time. The pendant lightings are the lights that are like pendants that hang in air. They are decorated with intricate and lavish designs. Other lights were track lightings, the ceiling fan lightings, the kitchen lightings, the billiard pendant lightings, the island pendants, and the flush mounts and the semi flush mounts. These lighting were coupled with art for they do not just serve the purpose of bringing light to homes, but they also convey inspiration, happiness and relaxation to the people.