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Remember explored with fellow keeping laying hens in Shijiazhuang. Material layers in this region from a cost point of view, probably is the lowest; accordingly, keeping laying hens in general is not high quality. However, the chicken farmers to phase out as the main indicator of business, and combine well with the market, often to higher prices in the market when the deal fell out of the chicken, rather than simply on the egg production business as a sole indicator. Is a measure of the income of each layer, including eggs and out of chicken meat and eggs this layer becomes a dual purpose. Strong bull market has been soaring in the industry, only in heaven. Poor environment does not matter, as long as you can be more profitable than competitors can. Why keep hens laying practitioners? Is simply fed through the feed (input) to egg money (output), that is, the business layer is the carrier of these people. Dalian Han Wei Group is a well-known poultry company, at present, this enterprise-scale rearing of laying hens is the largest in the country. Purely technical terms from raising such a large-scale farms, the level of production is quite good, and can not make money, and how much money, basically depends on business rather than keeping technology. The occasion of the spring and summer of 2005, the author and Shenyang Fortune feed mill owner Cheng Liangyu on Newman visited some farmers, learned in 2004 of these layers, good management can make 26 per bird to 28 yuan, but only a small make 12-16 dollars, a difference of disparity; of course, very few farmers make money and more. See, for keeping laying hens, breeding technology in focus at the same time, also need to work hard in the business, learn to predict and avoid market risks, this is the best policy. Everything is regular, the following aspects of the author on the eggs from the four Chicken feeding operations also need to be explained. 1 select quality chicks This view, the basic industry has accepted, but also achievements of the avian Meiyukou this business. Chicken farmers who are aware of, chicks quality on the production performance of the entire layer is essential, but do pullorum and Mycoplasma present there are few? Full use of the vaccine there are several qualified? In fact, the industry can production of high quality egg and chicken business a few. However, while farmers from the perspective of layers, to the chicks on a few cents more to pay, some people feel not worth it, although the value of good chicks spread far from a few cents can buy, but they do not see or a letter to the gap, but this potential. Acceptance does not mean that the concept of operation will be implemented, therefore, need to constantly promote the idea of course, layer breeders have to learn to count long-term account, by comparison, make the right choice in order to avoid unnecessary wastage. 2 great importance to grower quality Unisys Corporation in the Netherlands, 5 weeks of age body weight, 16-week incubation period of uniformity is critical to the production target layer. Many people have jokingly called 35d set for life. According to the author's experience, as long as the choice of quality feed can meet this requirement. Consider the whole incubation period of investment, the first 5 weeks of feed, the total growing period should be 10% of feed consumption. I think that chick in the feeding, the present theoretical density of the need of feeding, the amount of space because the chicken is relatively small, little investment can bring down the density, the result is to increase the brood weight. Adequate supply of fodder and drinking water in the case, this is only working to increase that a few more trays and water tanks on the line. Table 1 is the one million white-egg layer production index data derived from statistical analysis. (1) chicken early growth stages of the growth of the digestive system faster than the body growth. Within 5 weeks of age chicks in the relatively large body weight, internal organs will be better than development?? Lung, heart, liver, stomach and intestinal proportion of total body weight is relatively higher.

Performance from the entire cycle of production run, 5-week egg weight and the total number of 72 weeks the correlation was 0.93, and the survival rate of 60 weeks the correlation was 0.71, and 72-week survival The correlation was 0.65, and egg production lasting 60 to 72 weeks of egg production rate only on correlation of 0.82. 16 weeks and 72 weeks uniformity of the correlation of total egg number was 0.72. And 10 weeks of age body weight, body weight and the corresponding 16-week production index does not exist or is very low correlation. More simply, 5 weeks early weight high performance of the entire egg production cycle should be high. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as China car gps unit , bike gps navigation, handheld gps navigation,and more.