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The Smokeless cigarette is a real replacement for tobacco smokingThe ecigarette is a simple solution for long term, comitted smokers in search of a substitute for tobacco smoking. I started an Electronic Cigarette website after quitting a 37 year tobacco habit using e cigs. My last cigarette was 10/16/2009 and I have no plan to ever return! I was more astonished than anyone when I stopped smoking. I had only meant to try and smoke e cigarettes in situations and spots where it was not feasible to smoke standard cigarettes. Whether at your workplace, traveling for business, vacationing with spouse and children or children, staying in motels, going through air terminals, taking trains, airplanes or vehicles, dining in a restaurant or visiting bar, I now have a freedom that I didn't know being a cigarette smoker.
With ecigs there is certainly no dependence on cigarettes. Unlike other smoking replacement products,e-cigarettes absolutely are a nicotine delivery method that totally simulates cigarette smoking. right down to the hand to mouth movement, puffing on the electric cigarette, inhaling and exhaling a smooth, rich tasting 'smoke'. The sole difference would be that the 'smoke' from e cigarettes just isn't smoke at all but a harmless vapor created by propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, both of which are used in everything from asthma inhalers to air fresheners to food preparation and baking goods. Plainly put, although not FDA approved, e-cigs have maximum 20 non-poisonous chemical compounds vs . 10,000 chemical substances, lots of which are dangerous, in cigarette smoke. They've got no tar, no ash, no carbon monoxide, are not going to burn holes in anything at all (they won't - they dont get warm enough to burn!). They cost a great deal less than cigarettes, don't blemish teeth, have no odor only remarkable taste, make no second hand smoke and the list could continue on! Finally there is a REAL replacement for smoking - the esmoke.
Ecigarettes aren't currently regulated so there can not be any remarks made with regards to the health and fitness benefits that can be gained by utilizing them in comparison with regular cigs. I will only write about my own knowledge about e cigs. Since quitting smoking my lungs cleared up, I don't cough and my strength, stamina levels and attention have improved. I will never ever eliminate the thirty seven years for which i used to smoke but I do think that I can and have absolutely made a positive change for the better in my health and wellness. Without cigarettes I now have the important gift of hope for the future.
If you are searching for help on where you can purchase an e-cigarette online or even for details on a selected brand then Electronic Cigarettes Central could be of aid to you. Electronic Cigarettes Central has 28 brands of ecigs all on one webpage. There is a full page of information on each model as well as links to more resources for e-cigarettes online. There is also a blog that's frequently updated with promotions, sales specials and timely info and news associated with ecigs. Visit as well as the partner mini site now for all of your vaping requirements. 45 yr previous ex smoker. I gave up smoking cigarettes with e cigarettes and I want to reveal the great news to aid other people find the very same independence as I did.electronic cigarette free trial
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