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Brogue was born in 1747 in Switzerland; he spent most of his time in Paris. In his life, he made a lot of great inventions. He is active in all areas of the watch manufacturing industry. A series of breakthroughs in his career reached a peak of another, such as improved automatic watch, balance spring overcool; Constant Despite wins over vertical systems, and so on. his simple neo-classical design to bring with it a great surprise. Brogue died in 1823, his descendants have also been great masterpiece. In modern times, the fifth generation of Brogue watches made timing function back. The great scientist Albert Einstein and author Tchaikovsky are Brogue of loyal users. This brand is known as the "watch king" by many people. So it is very appropriate that magic ji, "the father of modern watch making." History of the world celebrities such as King Louis XVI, Queen of France Anthony Tsar Alexander I, Queen Victoria of England, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, William I of Prussia, and even U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, etc., although they are not in the same period, but they all have a common ties, that is, they are sincere pleasure Brogue watches. More than two centuries, so that more and more complex movements is the eternal pursuit of excellence Brogue. The greatest impact of technology on the watch industry by its founder invented the tourbillion Biller. Tourbillion is a speed control device that can correct the mechanical error caused by gravity. Even today, this technology is still a luxury distribution of complex mechanical timer, which represents the highest level of technology. So far, manufacturers can produce this type of watch is not a lot. Brogue watches have many well-known series. One of the masterpieces is the 3894 series chronograph. This type of watch their own hand-winding movement, minutes to play in spring, and annual calendar. The process is first class. In fact, when people enjoy the antique clocks Brogue, they just like to review the great history of modern watch industry. If you want to view more fashionable replica watch. Please login