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The American dream almost always includes having your own home. Unfortunately, in today's world, having your own home does not come cheap and more and more people have found it hard to get the house of their dreams and be able to keep it. It does not help that the economy is still reeling from the recent financial meltdown, the brunt of which was taken by the real estate industry. There is no need, however, to kill that American Dream. Institutions like Enerbank make it possible for people to still take advantage of the American Dream even if the real estate market has been extremely volatile. And if you are a contractor, you would realize that EnerBank might just be your business' saving grace. Enerbank is technically a lending institution aimed at allowing contractors to entice their customers to build their dream house now. In order for their clients to take advantage of Enerbank's program, they need to be affiliate themselves. If a client decides to try this program with the help of the contractor, he or she could get the loaned amount with very little waiting time. What sets EnerbankUSA apart from other lending institution is the fact that it has a 92% approval rate, something that most financial institutions would not normally have. With this approval rate, a client has a higher probability of getting the loaned amount. What's more, Enerbank does not require the submission of various documents in order to avail and get approval. All one has to do is call Enerbank. If a client's application for loan is approved, EnerbankUSA can provide as low as a thousand dollar loan to as high as forty five thousand dollars, payable in 18 months. Of course, EnerBank also offers other payment scheme depending on the client's wishes and ability to pay. If you are worried about the interest rate, there is none. As long as you make your payment on time, you do not have to pay a single extra cent from the amount that you loaned. If you are interested in securing a loan from EnerbankUSA, all you have to do is get in touch with a contractor affiliated with them. Do a quick online search in order to find a contractor near you.