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The wildebeest migration is the greatest phenomenon that happens yearly in East Africa. It has been termed as the seventh wonder of the world. It normally takes place during the months of July to August. Anyone who wants to catch the action live should make sure that they are around the Mara region at this time. Due to the lack of food on the Serengeti side, wildebeests, zebras and gazelles cross over the Mara River to the Kenyan side to enjoy the green vegetation around. As they approach the Mara, all you can see is a dark cloud in the horizon as the vast numbers try to reach the river before they collapse from thirst. This is a spectacular site for any one to witness. The millions of animals as they move towards the Mara are also at danger of being preyed by the lions, hyenas and other predators. It thrills to watch one of the predators bring down the prey during the wildebeest migration journey. Once the animals reach the edges of the Mara River, this is the most exciting part. This is the climax of the wildebeest migration. They dive in to the river in large numbers causing a stampede. Some of them die from the stampede; others drown while others are attacked by the giant Nile crocodiles waiting underneath. The excitement of the wildebeest migration is heightened by the fact that danger for the millions of animals does not end when they cross over the river. On the shore, predators are waiting to pounce on any animal they can. Young ones at this time get separated from their mothers and it is a pity as you watch them cross the river to and fro in search of their mothers. Luckily most separations are just temporary. Best Value for Money: We are the cr��me de la cr��me amongst East Africa's Tour Operators and Travel Agents, yet not your average safari company. Right Choice Safaris is your one stop source for tours across this vast safari destination combining the best accommodation facilities with world-class safari itineraries. Visit for more info.