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Boxing has been a popular sport for quite awhile now. Boxing gloves have evolved over a period of 3000 years. Yes, boxing gloves are nothing new as you might normally consider. Since the ancient Greek days, boxing was considered a sport of the men and was honored. Even in the roman era, boxing was considered a man's sport. There were many champions who would participate in the fist fights and these would be also held for the sake of the fallen heroes. Even in those times, the fighters were required to wear boxing gloves. These boxing gloves were made out of leather and they did not provide adequate protection to the writs of the boxer and his opponent. The boxing gloves are not only used to protect the face or body of the one that is getting punched but also it is used to protect the hands of the one who is punching. This is because while punching, wrist injuries are very common. Sometimes these injuries can get so complicated that a boxer might have to give up boxing all together. Hence for the sake of safety these gloves are worn. However, our roman friends thought otherwise. They often turned the sport more dangerous and the gloves into weapons. They would dry the gloves and harden the leather. After this they would attach metal spikes or stones to the boxing glove. This would cause severe damage to the opponent and lead do the eventual death of the opponent. Hence, the modern boxing gloves were introduced to prevent superficial injuries. Although, it should be noted, with the use of the padded gloves, the chances of brain injuries are more in the absence of the head gear. The gloves may prevent superficial injuries to the brain and the facial tissues but the head gear is a must to protect from brain injuries. The boxing gloves that are used today are heavily padded. These gloves protect the wrist as well as the opponent. It is important to wear wrist wraps before wearing the boxing gloves. The wrist wraps stabilize the fist and prevent the wrist from injuries. The heavier the glove the more the padding will be in them. For training sessions a boxing glove with a little more leather is encouraged. This will help the fighter protect himself from injuries during trainer. Also heavy padded gloves will help in punching bag training sessions. Also the gloves that are made these days come with a thumb lock. This is an addition to the glove which moves the thumb out of the way while making the fist. This prevents accidents to the thumb as well as accidental gauging of other people's eyes. Make sure that your boxing gloves has one of these before you purchase them Proboxing gear which is one of the best online stores for all types of Kick Boxing Equipments like Boxing Gloves, Boxing Shoes, Handwraps and Gauze, Training gloves, MMA Gloves, Cheap Boxing Shoes and high quality products needed for the purpose of boxing game. For more info Contact us at