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Many people like sweet food. However, sweet food contains high calorie and sugar, which is a great threat to human health. In our daily diet, those who prefer sweet food often suffer from many diseases due to eating excessive sugar. Firstly, lack of vitamin B, toxin accumulated in the body. After sugar is absorbed by human body, it will be decomposed and produce calories in the body. At the mean time, with the help of vitamin B, the metabolites generated will take part in the detoxification process, and they are finally excreted out of the body. Long-term excessive sugar will make the body lack of vitamin B because of excessive consumption, resulting in the toxin accumulated in the human body. Secondly, cause high blood pressure and obesity Excessive intake of sugar will raise the level of insulin in the body, secrete catecholamine, and increase the activity of sympathetic nerve, which will directly increase the tensity of vessel. This may become the main reason for high blood pressure caused by high sugar. In addition, the high level of insulin in blood will also make the reabsorption of sodium and water in the kidney, making too much water and sodium detained in the body. The increased blood volume will cause high blood pressure. Thirdly, osteoporosis caused by decalcification of the bone. Eating too much sugar or carbohydrate will produce a large number of intermediate products in the metabolic process of human body, such as pyruvic acid and lactic acid. To maintain the acid-base balance of human body, the alkaline substances in human body like calcium, magnesium and sodium should all participate in the neutralization process. Calcium deficiency in human body will lead to muscle hardening and decrease its tension, and the mechanism regulating blood pressure will be in a mess. A large number of calcium has been neutralized, which will lead to the decalcification of the bone and result in osteoporosis. What's more, the acid-base balance disorder in human body will also accelerate the aging of human cells, and decrease people's adaptability to the outside environment. Fourthly, obesity If you eat too much sugar, the remaining part will be changed into fat and stored in human body, resulting in obesity. Obesity is the main source of many diseases. What's more, sweet food will cause a series of "sweets syndrome", which has a lot of symptoms, such as dysthymia, headstrong, impulsive, easily irritable, dental caries, amblyopia, myopia, etc. All the patients suffering from the above diseases should control the intake of sugar and sugary food, so as to prevent the exacerbation of the diseases.