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Women notice every little thing about how a man is caring. Every time they see a man, they will spend in mind a checklist. Her hair is washed and care? Are your nails are clean or do a manicure? Are your shoes are polished? Are the clothes clean?Whether there was a bath? Does it smell good? These things really matter to women!Find your level of care that works for you, and always will be polished! Always, I repeat ALWAYS, shower and shave and use deodorant before going out to meet a woman. You might think that the smell of your sweat is manly and sexy, but most women strongly disagree! Refuse to share their body odor until customers and excited in bed. If you are going to meet new women specifically, or for an appointment, be sure to spend some extra time preparing. Show women that you care about their appearance. Make sure your hair is cared for and your nails are clean and filed. Brush your teeth and use cologne - not too much, because women generally have a better smell than men. Take charge of your appearance, you will improve your chances of instant success! Mantega Form You do not have to be bodybuilders just to get the girl. But you should make an effort to keep your body in shape. Not just for your health, or how you appear to women in a first encounter, but also for their sexual performance in bed. Even if you just do cardio bike a few times a week, you will not only keep your waistline but also be able to meet his wife at night long - without having to take a break half way! Exercise not only make you look attractive, but you will feel great! Moreover, most women are attracted to a man who is overweight and lazy because that is a direct indication of how he is a lover. You want a woman to look like a man that she could be physically satisfied. When someone is shown in form and good posture is an indication of a good lover - a man and women. Harold is the owner of Conquistar una Mujer Harold is the owner of Conquistar una Mujer, the best course to learn how to win twenty-first century women.