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What good is a vehicle if it doesn't have proper wheels? It not only makes your car look drab but, more importantly, it also compromises on safety. Over the years, fashion and functionality have revolutionized our vehicles. Various accessories turn your car or truck into a traffic stopper. One of the main reasons why people turn to look at your automobile is your wheels. Baltimore can boast of housing some of the best rim stores in the country. Available in a host of colors, these rims can add that extra zing to your vehicle and also improve its performance on the road. Fitting a fancy set of rims is more about the individual's need to change the look of his/her vehicle. However, there is also a bigger reason behind it: safety and better control over the vehicle. Take for example, trucks. Around two decades ago, they were used only for hauling huge quantities of goods over a long distance. Today, there a wide variety of trucks available: minivans, pickup trucks and many others. These trucks are used for a variety of activities and safety is obviously the topmost concern. When shopping for truck rims make sure to choose ones which are in tune with the size of your vehicle. If you have a large truck, do not choose small rims. If your vehicle has to travel over rough terrain then buy rims which are hardy and can stand the rigors of the road. Car wheels also need careful consideration before you decide to splurge on them. Alloy wheels are a popular choice mainly because they are quite light when compared to older rims. This lightweight quality helps reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and improves handling. Another important feature of alloy wheels is their ability to keep the brake system of your car cool and prevent brake failure. The era of simple, boring metal wheels has gone out of the window. The time has come to upgrade your vehicle to alloy or chrome rims. It started with celebrities revamping the rims of their cars and now everyone wants a cool, new rim job. These functions aside, custom wheels are opted for mainly because they draw attention to a vehicle. You cannot help but admire a car which has 21-inch alloy wheels. Baltimore has a few stores which have rims ranging from inexpensive ones to imports which lend a sleek look to your automobile. Wheels Baltimore - Searching for a store which stocks the best wheels? Baltimore-based No Limit Incorporated is the perfect place to look for them.