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I am a pair of Puma shoes, Three months after that I died, now let me tell you about my life. April 10 Saturday sunny This place is really lively, it is comfortable than a huge warehouse. I have any brothers and sisters. I was replaced on the shoe shelf just now; they gave out with an untrammeled. Who am I? I am not sung my own praises; I am a best pair of Puma shoes in the world. My color is pink. How about me? What a beautiful Puma shoes. Some really handsome guy (men shoes) are keen on every good-looking me in the store. A girl in the flower of my age is the most precious; I must not cheapen myself, and announced my marriage conditions: 1. height (price) not less than 100 Yuan. 2. Healthy and handsome. 3. Graduated from a top university (brand shoes). These are all my requirements, all interested parties please contact me. "Ouch, I could not keep from shouting, how hard the shoe shelf is, it does not comfortable, it could never live up to me". And these shoes are all ugly, are you trying to insult me? Well, I just wish who can buy me from here. Then I can see the country better that way. April 15 Thursday cloudy I have been staying here for days, I hope the stars, look forward to the moon, but No one took me up on that offer. Well, how a foolish person, no one want to choose me, as unlucky would have it they were. Just a moment, an aged ten years girl step into the store with her mother, and she took one look, then she told her mother she like me, she want to buy me. She made me happy; they Voluntary deals are struck through bargaining. The little girl takes me to her home. When I come into her home, a scream escaped my lips, the room was so fab. I was so thrilled to have such luxury, and it really was plush all round. a marbled tea table, LCD TV, smooth floor����This beautiful villa is exactly what I wanted. I will have to have seen better days. April 20 Tuesday Rainy My god, the little girl's mother, no is my host's mother (not change my original intention) is really a road hog. She said that my little host love the new and loathe the old, I can not understand why she do not allow my host touch me. But my host refuses to give up hope, always think about some good idea, to think about how she can take me out. There was a sudden flash; it seemed she had thought some good ideas. My little host try her best to determine in her heart to ask her mother's permission to wear me on; "mummy, I want to have my new Puma shoes on, these shoes I bought last week are already showing signs of wear, my classmates will say me that also so old-fashioned clothes to wear". She took her mother by the hand for comfort. "Definitely no, I will not always be being used to you". Her mother turned her down cold. Well, I am out. But I know my little host will not prepare to give up that easily. Only a couple of days, I think she was a willful child, she need only use her brains, she will think about some good ideas. Are you in search of the the finest footwear for sports? With their success .Are you in search of the the finest footwear for sports? With their success gAre you in search of the the finest permanent magnet With magnets for sale success growing to rise, the Neodymium magnets of the magnet manufacturer are your top preference.