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Bearden USAF (Ret.) has developed many of Tesla's discoveries and the applications may be worse than just a simple death ray or protective field. Some applications include what is being done in mind control at a distance. Tesla developed the Unified Force Field which I think might be part of what is going on near Taos, New Mexico. It was being worked on by the Russians near Korea in the mid-80s according to a Chicago Tribune article I read. They talked about a Korean airliner that flew through suddenly extreme cold space. His work with the Philadelphia Experiment led to age regression through Time Travel but it was very dangerous.In an earlier business incarnation of mine I employed Leposova Tesla. She was proud of her ancestor but like most people she knew little about the science behind his work which includes the invention of the radio. The U.S. Patent Office gave him the patent 25 years after his supporters sued for him and took it away from Marconi. He developed AC current and the Niagara Falls project that he had dreamed about for most of his life. There is a Museum on Goat Island in the Niagara River that honours him. There are many things of the world around you that have been part of his technological legacy including Neon lights, but this author is right about the far greater potential applications and the military or government uses or misuses. I find the actions of the Rothschild front man (J. Pierpont Morgan) especially reprehensible in his treatment of Tesla's inventions and the steel alloy or other knowledge of Col. Churchward that they grabbed as well. Tesla died poor and some say his heart was broken but it was not due to a woman. He never had relations with another human. His biography, the book named White Dove is one I enjoyed. There are rumours that Tesla did not die as stated in this book. If you follow the career of John von Neumann who was involved with Tesla in the Philadelphia Experiment then you might understand why this could be true. I include the recent use of ancient knowledge to demonstrate it is not mere fabrication or myth such as it has been characterized as being by the normative academics. You cannot read too much about the life and work of Nicola Tesla.From what source in history could these sciences have come? Where is the proof?The Gothic Cathedrals of Europe and their imitations throughout the world have been designed to include the knowledge of the Great Pyramid, and these harmonic effects that are focussed through the physical placement of architectural forms. The Templars built them under Papal passport in a time when no one else could move freely around that oppressive part of the world which now views itself so highly. You might be amazed to hear about the rock wall in New Zealand that mirrors the Tiahuanaco precision fit. I am no longer amazed by the likes of Yonaguni and a semi-step Pyramid there which might date to 17,000 years ago. I know there was a worldwide culture that you should know was able and adept in matters of the soul and spirit. We all must learn from our soul. chilliwack website, madebytesla, Small Business Marketing Consulting Chilliwack, BC