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Forget the London Marathon, the Great Gorilla Run is where it's at! Gorilla Boogers is a great new and healthy snack option that has been created for young children and adults who enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle while at the same time having a sense of humour and a conscience. With plenty of snacks to choose from their expanding range already consists of Gorilla Booger raisin bags, Gorilla Booger cereal bars, chocolate coated Gorilla Boogers, Gorilla Boogers oats and boogers cookies and Gorilla Booger breakfast cereals. And they say that there products are all about the sweet juicy raisins of which they only pick the juiciest. Gorilla Boogers is sponsoring the Great Gorilla Run which takes place on Saturday 24 September 2011. It is renowned for being London's best all-costume charity fun run - 1,000 people, all dressed as gorillas and going ape for a day. The Great Gorilla Run started in 2003 and thousands of people have donned their gorilla suits to run, jog or walk the 7km City and Bankside fun run; a route which takes in sights such as Tower Bridge and The Tate Modern. Gorillas are now critically endangered and by participating in the Great Gorilla Run you'll be playing a crucial role in helping to save the remaining 720 mountain gorillas left in the wild. The gorilla run team will provide you with great support in the lead-up to the run to ensure you reach your fundraising target and that you are in shape for the race. Gorilla Boogers is a firm supporter and funder to the charity the Gorilla Organization which is an international charity led by experienced African conservationists dedicated to saving the world's last remaining Gorillas from extinction. So, if you're looking for something unique and if you like dressing up, the Great Gorilla Run is the charity fun run for you. To find out more, or to sign up visit