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Humor is a good mood, and life will be boring without humor. Humor can make our life full of color and fun, and it can resolve troubles, eliminate the bad mood and bring joy to others. Most of the people who understand the humor are physically and mentally healthy. Humor is a psychological exercise and it can be acquired by long-term and conscious training. Therefore, continuously improving the ability to observe things, enhancing understanding and developing agile style are important aspects to improve a sense of humor. Life is a source of humor, and only could people who love the real life longing and actively explore the unknown areas. The rapid capture and profound understanding of the nature of new things could help people discover and showcase the humor in the work and life. A successful man could deal with the setbacks in life with humor. It can make the awkward atmosphere harmonious. With humor, family will have joy and happiness; with humor, couples could know each other and harmonious. The appropriate humor could relieve the tense atmosphere and create good interpersonal relationship to find the balance. It could also avoid arrogance to make people see themselves more clearly. In addition, a sense of humor is also an indicator of mental health. People with the sense of humor is definitely full of love and deep understanding to life, because of his character gives him optimistic attitude and tolerance, which is beneficial to health. True humor can fathom the deep essence hidden under all sorts of trivial and humble things. In any case, people with humorous quality are optimistic and compassionate, and they are capable in using clever words and actions to adjust and improve the relationships. Since humor has so many benefits, how should we cultivate it? Do not have unrealistically high requirements to themselves and do not be too concerned with what others view. Learn to understand others in good faith and have a correct understanding of self. Keep up the good mood no matter what kind of environment you are in. Conduct active communication to relieve stress. Communication is a human instinct behavior, so taking the initiative to expand the communication side will help ease work pressure. In interpersonal relationships, helping other could help people gain the pleasure in life. Humor is a departure from the habits. For example, the suddenly changed subject or exaggerated performance naturally amusing, and well-designed deliberate mistake can be hilarious. In a word, the humor is to bring happy to both self and others. Tory has been worked in a game company for quite a long time and he is responsible for providing maple story mesos and cabal alz for game players.