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You probably deem that long term care insurance pays for health needs of an individual who is disabled or has a debilitating illness which requires assistance over a long period of time. While this notion is partly true, LTCi doesn't really pay for health or medical needs. Instead, it is primarily designed to cover the expenses of daily living assistance, including eating, bathing, walking, etc. Contrary to popular belief, long-term care isn't equivalent to being admitted to nursing homes. In fact, most elders prefer receiving care in the comfort of their own homes, because it is not only convenient, but also much cheaper than the assistance you get from nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Selecting the right insurance for you isn't a simple task to begin with. You need to do some research about it. When it comes to choosing an LTCi policy, it is essential to search for a policy that meets both your needs and income. For instance, how much coverage do you need? Can you afford it? You'll be surprised at how many types of policies are available today. Bear in mind that not all policies are the same, and they vary in terms of the range of benefits included, contract terms and other features. Long term care insurance research over the internet is the fastest way to compare insurance rates from different companies, which will help you get the best possible quotes. Before you consult with any insurance agents or providers, it is a good move to start an initial research and look for long term care insurance resources online. Many comparison insurance websites can be found online to help you weigh your options and make an informed decision. The operative term here is comparison. Take time to analyze and compare LTCi plans and their policy features. That way, you'll be able to get the quotes that best match your needs and financial capabilities. Shop around and don't stick to only one company. You need to get as much quotes as possible and compare all of them. Getting 4-5 insurance quotes from various companies will aid you in selecting which provider offers the best policy and coverage. One of the main considerations in choosing an insurance provider is its financial rating. Obviously, you want a company that has a good reputation and has been in the LTCi industry for so many years. Buying insurance is an expensive investment, so you need to make sure the provider you choose will be around when you need it. It pays lot reading some reviews from various long term care insurance resources, both online and printed publications, about the company's financial stability. Many Americans rely on a publication called Best's Insurance Reports. This material is published by A.M. Best Company of Oldwick, New Jersey and can be bought for US$200. Most public libraries also have this publication in their collection. Also, you should check both the company's past ratings as well as the current one. Consumer ratings can change after a certain period of time, so it's important to get the updated one. Visit to find tons of essential long term care insurance research to help you find the right long term care policies.