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Fashion plays an important role in modern day society. It influences the way people dress and behave in day-to-day life. The wrist watch is an important factor in fashion. Many ladies quartz watch models have been adapted to match designer labels. Many designers themselves have extended their talents into the watch making industry. There are several different types of quartz wrist watches available on the market. Designers commonly decorate wristwatches with rhinestones and chain quartz straps. Many ladies quartz watch models come with a simple strap that is made from refined leather. Leather is popular among many people due to the comfort it allows. Leather is known for being popular among designers and other forms of body clothing. Rhinestone is a popular decoration for quart wrist watches. It creates an image of elegance and sophistication that is ideal for women in business. Rhinestone models can also be used for informal occasions. Wrist watches with stones which are exotic in nature exude a sense of prestige and importance that is appropriate for almost any dress occasion. The price for quartz watches ranges from 100- 300 dollars. More popular and renowned brands have models with more high quality materials and precious stones. The round quartz watch has a pure leather belt, which is adorned with small rhinestones. This model is a popular design of the couples range as it comes in two identical models. The female watch has a smaller analog display while the male version is more robust with regards to the strap and display. The more popular titanium alloy band quartz wrist watch is made for women. It is an extremely durable model and affordable despite the high quality material that is used in crafting the belt and facet. The watch comes in a variety of different colors and designs. The titanium alloy used to create the body is resistant to any form of corrosion and shock damage. The background of the analog display is another vital aspect of wristwatch designing. Many ladies fashion watches are embedded with images or decorations such as flowers or patterns. The use of date measures and second clocks is redundant and is generally not used in fashion quartz watches. Berze and Julius are renowned for creating attractive and subtle designs with their products. Many of these wrist watches can be browsed online and at local stores. Further advice regarding the perfect watch or gift can be found at a local wrist watch store.