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Farm fencing needs to be of the right kind to suit the stock, whether that is cattle, sheep, goats or horses. Most farm fencing needs can be taken care of with barbed wire or wire mesh. Article: One of the most important aspects of farming is the fencing. The correct fencing enables the farmer to handle his stock and crops in the way that gives him the best benefits. Without some kind of farm fencing and good farm gates, cattle or sheep would get into crop areas and ruin them or they would wander away and become a danger or a nuisance to other people. Fencing materials needs differ according to the situation. Barbed wire fencing is mostly used to keep cattle confined to their correct paddocks, but wire mesh is needed for sheep and goats, which will simply walk through or under strands of wire, even if it is barbed. Hinge joint fencing is another good option since enables the fence to bounce back to its original shape after cattle or sheep have pushed against it during confinement or herding processes. Farmers who have trouble with wild dogs or dingoes will need some kind of dog fence to keep them out. Cattlemen who have larger holdings may need to construct Temporary fencing to yard their cattle when branding or otherwise dealing with the stock. Dairy farmers create temporary electric fencing when they are strip grazing their paddocks. Rural fencing is mostly steel fencing; traditionally, posts were all made of split timber but these days iron or steel posts are often used - at least in between the timber posts. There are many different kinds of fencing to suit all the needs of farmers, no matter whether they are cattlemen, dairy farmers or just hobby farmers. Very often hobby farmers come out from the city to buy into a more relaxed lifestyle and do not realise the need for good fencing to keep in whatever stock they have - very often horses. Horses are well known for pushing or leaning on or over wire fencing. This can lead to injury if the top wire is barbed and so the top of the fence is frequently lined with stout timber or steel railing.