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Read any SEO blog and you'll find that search engine optimization really comes down successfully doing the following three things: 1.Figuring out the language, and more specifically, keywords people are using to find you online 2.Writing content that is beneficial to the reader with the right keyword density and placement so that search engines will see it as relevant 3.Finding quality incoming links so that search engines will see you as an authority Though good keyword research and compelling content are important, the biggest percentage of what determines search engine ranking has to do with what happens off the page. To put it another way, what people do in response to your site, in the form of links, is just as important as what you do on your site. When search engines see these links, it tells them that people like you. And in turn, the search engines will like you as well. The three most important factors Google looks at when determining the "likeability" of a website are: 1.The steady flow of high quality incoming links from other sites 2.The amount of links you have directed at particular page 3.The anchor text or language people are using to link to your content So we've established the fact that link building matters. But some links carry more weight and are more beneficial to a web page than others. When looking at your overall link building strategy, you have to consider both the relevance and the authority of each site that will potentially be linking to yours. Relevance - The relevancy of any link is based on whether the linking site is on the same topic as the site it's linking to. So a hyperlink to a Denver Internet marketing company from a cooking blog wouldn't have the same weight as say a link from an SEO blog. Authority - Some web sites are more important than others and Google tends to treat the more important sites better. One of the keys to successful link building is to have these important sites link to you, and a site's level of importance is based on how many important sites are linking to it. Link building and SEO in general can be extremely technical and at times overwhelming as search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. We have really just barely scratched the surface when it comes to link building strategies. There are however a number of SEO blogs and internet marketing companies that take a deeper look at link building and how it impacts the authority and relevance of a website. Jon Harwokey knows the importance of having a strong internet presence and he reads all the blogs to keep up with the latest SEO techniques available today. Volume 9 is a Denver SEO company that uses SEO, Link Building & PPC services to help improve our clients and partners rankings.