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The K-1 Visa is the fastest and easiest way to bring your fianc��(e) into the US so that the two of you can get married, and to get your fianc��(e) a green card. Because of the many different forms and steps during the K-1 visa and green card process, many people need expert guidance and assistance when applying for the K-1 visa. For example, you might be applying for the K-1 Visa and need help with�� �� how to fill out the I-129f. �� how to fill out the DS-156. �� which U.S. Consulate to use. �� what forms are needed for the green card. �� what documents you need to prove the relationship and get the visa. �� how to prepare for the K-1Visa interview. �� how much the filing fees are. When faced with these questions, many people will contact an immigration attorney and pay over $1000.00 to get the information they are looking for. (And that doesn't even include the filing fees!) When you purchase the K-1 Fianc��(e) Visa Application Guide at all of these concerns and questions will be answered. Each application guide uses the official USCIS government immigration forms, and provides detailed step-by-step instructions so that you can apply for the K-1 Visa easily and quickly, without the need of an expensive attorney. But don't just take our word; here are a few VisaSnap reviews from some of our satisfied customers: The K-1 Visa Application Guide really helped me get my future wife into the U.S. so we could get married. I just followed the instructions and checklist that came with the application guide and filled out the forms. It was really nice to have all of the forms in one place so that I could make sure that I sent the right ones. Thanks again VisaSnap! -- Dave and Jovelyn, The Philippines My wife and I met in Brazil, and I couldn't wait to have us get married in the US and start our lives together. I knew about the K-1 but didn't know how to get my wife her green card. Visasnap's application guide provided me with all the answers I needed, and for much less than it would cost to use a lawyer. I would certainly recommend Visasnap to anyone applying for the K-1 Visa. -- Steven and Isabella, Brazil We tried using a lawyer for our K-1 Visa. But the lawyer was often rude, and didn't answer our questions. After doing some research on the internet, I found visasnap and after watching the video, I decided to give the K-1 Visa Application Guide a read. It was a lot less than the cost of the attorney, and we ended up filing for the visa ourselves and fired our attorney. I was able to save so much money and still got the K-1 visa for my fianc��. I would definitely recommend visasnap. -- Jon and Eunshil, South Korea When applying for your K-1 Fianc��(e) Visa, purchase and download's K-1 Fianc��(e) Visa Application Guide, and start your application today! VisaSnap - Making Immigration a Snap! is being attributed to be offering effective services in green card application processing. With its assistance an applicant can apply for I-130 and receive visa for United States. Timely assistance from can speed up the visa USA application . Visit here