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If there is one thing a guy can wish away every morning, it would be ironing. Wrestling with the ironing board trying to set the shirt straight, balancing the hot iron over stubborn wrinkles, and still ending up with dismal result after 20 minutes is not a way to start your day! Read on for the steps to getting your dress shirts sharp and crisp without spending a tonne on those fancy steam irons. (Warning: *Ironing shirts is a task of monumental proportion and should only be attempted under direct supervision of adults.) 1. First and foremost, most ironing boards are actually adjustable for height. Check yours and set it to be about waist level for you. 2. Set the temperature dial of your iron to the appropriate setting. For your Neumodo cotton Dress Shirt, set it on ��cotton'. Leave it to heat up and move on to prepare the shirt. 3. Start with spraying the shirt lightly with water. Spread the shirt collar flat on the board. Iron the underside of the collar first, then the outer side. Always go from the points and move inward. 4. Lay one shoulder over the narrow edge of the board, smooth it out and iron it. Keep rotating and shift your shirt as needed. Iron the second shoulder next. 5. Open the cuffs fully and iron the inside first and then the outside. 6. For the sleeves, start at the top where the sleeve is sewn onto the shirt and work your way down to the cuff. Start with the back side, then front side. Take special care on armhole seams. 7. Hang the shirt over board so that the front panel of the shirt can be extended flat. Iron from shoulder to shirt tail. 8. Rotate the shirt over board so that you iron the back next, and the other front panel last. 9. Hang your shirt immediately on a hanger to avoid wrinkles. TIPS If your shirt is exceptionally wrinkled, you can spray some starch water before ironing. An extra pointer - make sure your iron every single area of the shirt including the space between the buttons. This will help in making your shirt look daisy clean and crisp! Buttoning the collar button and the first button or two will help the shirt keep its shape. Now, you too can make every one of your outfits look a cut above the rest! Alternatively, you can always shop for wrinkle-free shirts that could stay smooth after repeated washes and are easier to maintain. Check out our Wrinkle-Free collection at today. Contact Name: - Sreyh Website: - Address: - 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #05-14 Singapore 059817 Phone: - +65 66987024 Email: -