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As cars have been continuously updated to include new and useful features for the enjoyment, electronic devices generally found in the home have made their way into cars as optional features. Examples of electronic devices that are being incorporated in automobiles are global positioning devices, entertainment systems such as in car DVD player, TV receiver, CD players, and video game systems, and etc. The use of alternative television screen technology such as LCD has made it practical to provide televisions which have easily visible picture sizes. The miniaturization electronics has also reduced the size of video cassette tape players (VCP) and DVD players so that they are now smaller and yet are capable of receiving and playing a full size tape cassette having hours of recorded programming. The combination of a LCD television and a DVD provide an ideal time diversion for long vehicle trips. More frequently vehicles are being designed to accommodate enable passengers to watch television programs, prerecorded tapes or DVDs, or to play video games, or even to access the Internet during a trip. As a car enthusiast I must say nothing is more exciting and rewarding than taking pride in your car, truck or SUV. At first opportunity car owners will do whatever it takes to customize and personalize their cars. Among rims and the thousands of performance parts the number one thing that most car enthusiasts do is focus on comfort and luxury. This includes providing entertainment for the passengers in the car. In car dvds are popular accessories for parents hoping to keep their children entertained on long car journeys. Families that are not into their cars are getting an in Car DVD player and screens installed for the long family road trips. Naturally, many families with children have an auto DVD player. It's great not only for long trips, but keeps the kids occupied on any car ride. You really don't even have to have tons of movies. Kids like to watch the same things over and over again, so having a small stack of choices for them is plenty. One movie could last through a week of short trips, while 3 movies could get you through a day of long distance driving. Kids love being able to watch their favorite movies without having to think about how long they've been sitting in the car. It's a great escape for them and they are often surprised when the destination is reached. There is such a demand for DVD players for cars that even major manufactures are providing navigation and entertainment packages so that your car will come equipped with all your entertainment needs directly from the factory at a factory wholesale price. Source by: car dvd forum Car DVD, car DVD player, in car dvd.