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Photography is an important aspect of our lives. We like to keep memories of significant events that we experience. Over the years memories have been captured using cameras. There are different kinds of cameras with different features and specifications. A good camera will definitely give you a great output whether you are a newcomer, an amateur or a professional photographer. The D3100 is a 14.2 mega pixel camera with the ability to capture full HD videos, It is Nikon's first DSLR camera that can record full 1980 HD videos. The D3100 price succeeds the D3000. It is the first camera that offers a 1920x1080 movie recording and it can record clips of upto ten minutes long. The D3100 has a refreshed body compared to its predecessor. It has been fitted with an extra button, a drive mode, a sprung lever and a record movie button. It does not have complicated functionality and as such it can be used by newcomers in the field of photography who would prefer simplicity. The D3100 price has several automatic settings which makes the user's work much lighter. Its live with view with scene auto selector selects a mode that matches the situation of your shooting. Its scene recognition feature helps in delivering high quality image output. Its guide mode on the other hand takes you through the process of getting the best shot that you want. The Nikon D3100 price camera is a lightweight camera. The D3100 is small in size and very convenient when it comes to portability. It is Nikon's lightest SLR camera and it's said to be possibly the smallest in its category. The D3100 is a quiet and ultra-low vibration gadget which makes it possible to use without having to disturb the peace around with unnecessary noise, while ensuring that you get much sharper shots. The D3100 price is fitted with an auto focus system which brings everything into focus and enables you to capture sharp images of any expressions or even movements. The D3100 camera has got a conveniently big LCD and you can be able to see and capture each pixel. It is fitted with a playback feature and as such it checks profiles more accurately. The D3100 camera boasts of a clear finder which you will most likely appreciate. You'll also notice that unlike many other cameras, the D3100 price doesn't have a lot of scribbling on its screen. The D3100 price has some more improvements over its predecessor. The D3100 has an advance mode switch and a dedicated movie start and view controls. The D3100 price has an access movie record button which switches your camera to video mode in an instant while its D movie function can be used to record HD clips and sound. However, despite having all the excellent features, the Nikon D3100 price camera is still overpriced considering the fact that it's retailing at over $406 a piece. This definitely makes it much harder for many people to acquire one of these high tech cameras. If you are looking for a complete review on why the Nikon d3100 price is so affordable the please visit us at