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Kenya is the home of the big five. These include the Lion, the Cheetah, the Leopard, the buffalo and the Elephant. These are the most famous animals in Kenya and Africa at large. They are mostly found in all the major game parks and reserves in the country. It is amazing to just watch them in their natural habitat. As you view them, they look so peaceful, comfortable and serene in their surroundings. The lions, the elephants, the buffalo and cheetahs live in groups. Leopards are solitary animals though it is not unusual to find then in pairs especially during the mating season. A visit to Kenya is never complete without having seen these great animals. Some can be found in sanctuaries as they are endangered species. This is mostly for the black rhino. This does not mean that you will not find other great animals in the country. Other common animals include the wildebeests, giraffes, crocodiles, zebras and hippos. As you move around the game parks, you will have a chance to capture most of them in action. Kenya is also home to a wide variety of bird species. Some years back, the great animals of Kenya were an endangered lot. The government in collaboration with some non governmental organizations has truly done a great job in ensuring that poaching, which was the greatest danger the animals faced was eradicated. Most of the animals forty years ago used to roam freely in the savanna grassland areas of the country. Today only a fraction is left though the number is rising steadily. Best Value for Money: We are the cr��me de la cr��me amongst East Africa's Tour Operators and Travel Agents, yet not your average safari company. Right Choice Safaris is your one stop source for tours across this vast safari destination combining the best accommodation facilities with world-class safari itineraries. Visit for more info.