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The skills required for metal fabrication have been in use for many centuries. The earliest form of this trade can be traced back to the medieval times and their blacksmiths. During these times this trade was used to build armor and weapons to protect men in battle. In modern times it is used to fabricate all sorts of unique items including works of art that are both stationary and mobile.A few processes are involved when creating fabricated pieces. The processes include cutting, forming and connecting the pieces together. Once created, these pieces are used in many different formats including construction and custom vehicles. When the process begins the person working on the piece must separate it form large sheets of material. This is performed through the use of machines that include band saws, chisels and shearing tools. Once the pieces are cut the next step is to shape the pieces.The shaping and molding of these materials require special tools of their own and include hammers and press brakes. The press brakes use air for power and are used to create angles in pieces of material. Using a hammer whether it is a manual or pneumatic, the piece is then shaped and molded into the desired shape.Once the piece has been formed and bent, they are ready to be connected to each other. This part is done by using a welder such as an oxyacetylene torch which uses acetylene gases and oxygen to create the flame. An arc welder is another popular model that uses electricity to affix the welding materials to the pieces thus connecting them.Metal fabrication has been witness to quite a few advancements from the dark ages to the present. As the field continues to grow, the end results of techniques used are nothing short of amazing. It will be truly sad to see if the art and skills involved in this field ever go away and we stop seeing the quality of work that is present in modern times.Looking for comprehensive information on jobs in metal fabrication? Get the low down now in our guide to sheet metal machinery and all you need to know about how and where to find the best metal working machines.