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Vending machines are machines that dispense food, drinks, candies and other consumer products that don't need a sales person. These machines are around us to cater with our needs whenever we need them. Because of the fast-pace society we live in, we also need fast-paced machines to give us what we need, and a vending machine is one example. The presence of vending machines in our society is very important, since most of us usually depends on them for convenience in providing us with products we take. For example, you're running in the park and you suddenly became thirsty, the first thing you'll look is for a soda machine. Another example, your child is very irritable when you're shopping at the mall, the next thing you do is look for a candy machine that will divert his attention to the candy that he'll be eating even for a few minutes. These are typical scenarios that show why we need these machines. We've all grown knowing these machines, that sometimes it's hard to imagine how to live in a society without one. Even if there are stores, groceries, food chains and diners around us, we are still looking for these machines because of the convenience it gives. You don't need to fall long lines just to sustain your cravings for sweets, you don't need to wait for your food to be served in a diner where there's a lot of people. You just need a few pennies and after a few seconds, you'll have what you need. The vending industry not only gives consumers the products they need, it also gives business opportunities to those who want to operate their own business without the need of high investments. Because of its affordability, anyone can start their vending machine business. It may sound very easy but you still need to have a good business plan before pursuing this business. Since it's a recession proof industry, there's a lesser chance to fail in this business, as long as you do the right measures in making it succeed. However, there are also some countries where vending machines are not common. These are usually developing countries where job is scarce. Instead of venturing into this kind business, people tend to sell products in the streets where there's high in foot traffic, they are called the street vendors.