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Child support is a payment predicate to the court order by the agreement for ht care and maintenance of any child under the age of 21 year. The case law says that both parents have the same obligation to support eh children. This obligation will terminate prior to the age of 21 years if the child becomes liberated. Liberated or emancipation is a question which include the marriage of child or full-time employment of the child. On September 1989 the child support standards act (CSSA) became effective with new legislation amends section 240 of the domestic relation law to require that the court provide for the child support made in accordance with the subdivision 1-b of that section. The identical child support provisions included in section 413 (1-b) of the Family Court Act. Now in the economic life the families cannot live as cheaply divided as it can together. Thus after taking the step of divorce, living standard of the entire family becomes lowered. There is the problem for the child support order to meet needs of children and enforcing court orders against both parents who refuses to make court ordered child support payment or who can't do the same due to circumstances beyond their control. Both parents have a legal duty to support their child. There is a child support guidelines and provide a formula for calculating child support based on a parent's earning. The child support guidelines aare applied when the application of the guidelines is inappropriate in a particular case. These issues are rarely concern for the court during the marriage or committed relationship. but when the parent divorce or live together with the child in the family, then the court are required to establish by declare the amount of child support a non-custodial parent must pay and this can be reached by agreement in the court. The child support payment may be integrated into t divorce judgments or may be created in marital separation agreement. In all jurisdictions there are several parts for most child support orders and issues by court when the parents cannot agree for giving the support payment and then incorporate agreement into marital separation agreement. Child support payment has to be given for the ordinary expense like food, clothing, shelter, education and medical need for the children only. Both parents should have fulfilled duty to support their children not just only the paying parents. The custodial parents earning are available to provide support for the children and in the child support level these new spouse will also be considered. We at the analyze the case to determine which enforcement remedies will most effectively require payment of support. You can directly speak with the attorney enforcing your support order. Please contact us for free consultation- child support enforcement .