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Coffee is an integral part of our system and it has been a part of our history also. It is served a relieving beverage and is used by everyone. Coffee is of many types from hot coffee to cold coffee. Coffee offers a zippy tang which is driving factor in its success. It has become a vital of our everyday lifestyle regardless of its type. We rely a lot on coffee and because of that we have a lot of caf��s franchise stabilizing around the globe like Barista and Caf�� Coffee Day. Coffee has a lot of types and all of them have their specific tang. Starting from hot coffee, to cappuccino, to cold coffee and every coffee has its own specific use. The international Coffee board are restricted the use of coffee to be used for constructive process such as making healthy coffee. Caffeine is a major constituent of coffee and can be used for other things too. So, a limitation was mandatory in order to reinforce law in trading of coffee. As coffee is used in every country which meant that coffee plantation can be misused and this leaded to the formation of this board. Coffee is generally used for a lot of purpose and it mostly contains high amount of calories which is injurious to our health. So, due to this the concept of flavored coffee and low calorie coffee was introduced. A low calorie coffee has revolutionized the use of coffee and again given option to every avid coffee consumer. Our reliance on coffee is like an immortal relationship. The concept of flavored coffee has brought a new flavor in its vicinity. Flavored coffee is low on calorie and is used a lot nowadays. The preserved coffee we usually buy from general stores. The preservation is done in order to store the aroma but doesn't have the taste of actual coffee. The extensive use of coffee is done in every country as we rely a lot on coffee. Hence, we the revolution in the coffee industry we can say that coffee has changed with time from coffee seeds to low calorie coffee. Barista Lavazza delivers you the truly Italian coffee experience with your loved one's in warm, friendly and relaxed environment to make it memorable.