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There are many types of skin diseases a person can acquire due to the polluted environment today. Since the skin is the body's first line of defense against harm from the external environment, the skin is also the first to receive damage from bacteria and pathogens. One example of bacteria-caused skin diseases is a carbuncle. The said ailment is basically a mass of boils that is filled with pus or fluid. It develops most commonly in pores that are affected by bacteria. Carbuncles are known to be contagious, which is why one must not directly touch the infected area as much as possible. It is also possible to acquire more than one carbuncle; in such cases, a medical specialist should be consulted. Doctors who specialize in skin diseases are called dermatologists. There are various kinds of dermatologists as well. Some dermatologists focus on the diagnosis of skin diseases, while others focus on improving the appearance of the skin by removing imperfections such as blemishes. There are also dermatologists who focus on treating more important skin conditions, such as immune-mediated skin disorders and skin cancer. People with carbuncles can approach dermapathologists for consultation. Dermapathologists study and treat a wide range of skin diseases and bacterial infections. To treat carbuncles, some dermatologists recommend the procedures for laser hair removal Wellington clinics and hospitals offer. Considered as a quick and painless procedure, laser hair removal targets and destroys hair follicles, effectively preventing bacterial infections in these areas. Procedures for laser hair removal West Palm Beach, FL dermatologists recommend can prevent carbuncles from developing by preventing hair from growing in certain areas of the body. This is definitely useful, since carbuncles often develop on skin areas that experience hair growth. Before undergoing laser hair removal procedures, though, one must make sure that the doctor doing the procedure is duly licensed. Treatments for laser hair removal West Palm Beach dermatologists offer can be done on the legs, armpits, back, and chest. Unlike traditional hair removal procedures, modern hair removal treatments do not use heat to burn follicles, making the procedures more comfortable and safer for people suffering from carbuncles.