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beijing tour for details. ">The imperial palace is in the east of the WuYingDian boulder fence, there is a beautiful bridge, carved name is "break the hongqiao".The stone railing broken hongqiao stigma engraved with many stone monkey (objective is shishi, stone monkey), stories that these many stone monkey inside, there is a left hand to play with the right hand liao ladle son, garments, jingshendousou the monkey, who see who all praised the sculpture technology clever.Some old eunuch answered: "when every 'holy coming' through here, use yellow cloth cover on the stone things, why? So afraid of it this strange appearance surprised" holy coming '!"Also some old the eunuch said: "this is not, it is because there are such an emperor, don't know why got angry, something in the stone, playing in front of biological son, died a event, the emperor regrets, a walk here on the sad, his hand people, for fear of emperor sad, prepared the yellow cloth, as long as the emperor walked by the dozen here, put the stones in what they thought of that, the emperor would not be sad."The two old the eunuch said are right, but there is a folk tale, with two old eunuch say is different now, we talk about this story to tell. Don't know is which once, which generation, the palace has a emperor laoer top dotes on gold every day, not far from the broken hongqiao a palace (the house WuYingDian northwest means the bath DE don. Common preach bath DE hall in qianlong dynasty is sweet princess bathing place, bath DE hall is modeled on a Turkey, so have the architectural incense in the legend of celestial bathe here.)She take a bath in the day, there are always some GongE, color female, eunuch are accompanied, dozen GongShan ah, carrying censer ah, the princess ZhongXingPengYue sent to her bath house, went to match the rest go.The princess to this house day, also didn't think bath what special things, her nature very happy, princess told the emperor old son, emperor old son also said: "that you wash everyday go."This gold dozen here every day in the temple's bath.Gold bath the palace, the Windows are made of glass, gold bath time, of course, is "through" rigor, Windows tightly fend off there, but also sometimes out strange things.Don't know is which one day, playing this day, as long as a princess in the temple in the shower, the window there is always a vaguely like small black similar shadow, open the window a look, what also don't hurt the fear, princess, she was afraid to tell the emperor old son, she was afraid of emperor laoer know this kind of thing, will never call her to take a bath in the house!.With the princess said that this incident, the maid said: "the palace too deep, and amon is too big, the old tree too much, BaoBuJi what evil XieSui renowned, empress don't be afraid, sheet to wait you to have this shadow see clear, a call us, we came out, caught it, of course."Strange to say, the little black shadow, day to day see clearly, this gold also fear more every day.This day, the little black shadow not only see clearly now, and also saw this strange shadow move, to play with two thin arms, just like flies into the Windows to like, this gold really nasty! Did not call maid-in-waiting, eunuchs, bailed water jade, grabbed ladle, across the Windows and then throw out now, listen to DangLang hua!A loud, small black shadow flash no see, the glass also broken!With the maid in the hearing the voice ran out a look, see house have a lot of glass on the steps of ChaEr, don't know what this is about.The maid to the temple, just know is asking empress capote ladle dozen small black with jade, princess bother says: "you hurry up jade gourd ladle, that is up come, see the emperor gave me dashed." don't!The maid outside house, how to find for jade gourd ladle didn't find the jade gourd ladle, the maid's more worried, gold rush, say: "follow the eunuch all call come in!"Eight eunuch went into the basilica, see empress, gold said the incident, that they go to find jade gourd ladle, the end still say: "jade emperor ladle is for me, you have to find me!"The eunuch are promised 1: "yes."The house is in the temple, and amon outside, covered in to find, find to seek and find break hongqiao, ho!Bridge, the stone monkey stigma in his hand was holding jade gourd ladle play!But like long root jade gourd ladle with stone monkey though together! How also can't take down!The eunuch was HuiBing can't had to the queen, princess urgent straight stamp, said: "this how do where? Broken broken still can hide in the stone, the monkey hand, if call the emperor saw, I also can't afford the bear, you put through 'lax," wild monkey, you also want eluded!"The eunuch who also hurt afraid, they discussed a way: do a yellow cloth, sheet to wait emperor laoer interrupt hongqiao time, give this stone monkeys, the emperor of huang cloth sight laoer ladle! Jade.Dozen here on, there was this monuments son. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit beijing tour for details.