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Most people think of the 80's as America's heyday, next to the 70's. This is probably because the 80's has been a witness to a number of major leaps in technology as well as in the way we do things. Online banking might just be an idea then but the use of credit card was already a reality. Instead of having to bring along lots of cash and attract the eye of thieves, shoppers have found it more convenient to bring plastic cards. It was this steady increase in the use of credit cards, and the incessant spending that comes with it, that has been blamed as one of the causes of the recent financial meltdown. Although most people do not relish the thought of it, the financial meltdown was actually a wake-up call for most people. If not for it, many would still not be conscious about their spending habits. However, because of this meltdown, many people today have found it hard to let go of their cash even for necessary things. This can be quite a problem as this behavior can cause the collapse of even more businesses. Fortunately, in the world of real estate, which interestingly was the hardest hit by the meltdown, a new concept was born allowing people to get the house of their dreams without worrying too much about their finances. EnerBank is technically a lending institution aimed at allowing clients of contractors to get the house that they have long wanted. The Enerbank Same As Cash Program allows these clients to build or renovate their homes with as little waiting time as possible. What sets the Enerbank Same As Cash program different from other lending programs being offered by your local bank is the fact that it does not require any documents. Interested clients just need to dial the phone to check if they are qualified for the program. If qualified, they can loan any amount between a thousand dollars to around forty five thousand dollars. The Enerbank Same As Cash program also boasts of a 92% approval rate. This means that, you have a higher probability of getting approved for the loan over getting rejected. In about 12 applicants, most likely, 11 applicants would be approved for this program.